5th Sept, 2017.

The attention of the management of whistleblowers has been drawn to a mischievous and ludicrous post made by one Barr. Fred Latimore, Executive Assistant on Communication to the Delta State government on the above subject matter.
In your skewed imagination you alleged that Sanco Ese Darlington is the Chief Editor of our blog, you also referred to our most respected blog as a fake news portal trying to gain cheap popularity.
You actually did not end there you went further to expose your ignorance by accusing the All Progressive Congress of masterminding and sponsoring the widely read news online with a reading audience of millions of people over the globe.

Ordinary we wouldn’t have bothered to reply you since your disgusting and irritating political history is already in the public domain and  known to most responsible citizens of Delta state and invariably non would want to associate with you but for Gov. Okowa led administration who needs your worthless, classless and unprofessional service to survive, I wonder why any responsible government would appoint you to such sensitive post, a man who was not good enough to manage the Image of a private individual, I  mean his former benefactor, Olorogun Otega Emerhor,  a man who brought you from grass to grace yet your blackmailing, incompetent, back stabbing and over ambitious nature made you shot yourself on the foot before you were technically fired. I am sure by now you would have known that not up to a year you left see how his Image and respect has been retrieved tremendously, you really wanted to cause more enemies for him and destroy his political carrier by your Bush Loading type of journalism.
Now coming to your accusations on whistle blowers, whistle blowers is a well respected and online news media with highly cultured professionals who are bent on exposing every evil and hidden secrets of government in Delta state and beyond, I wonder how else you want us to write against a party in Delta state that is not in government, our online newspaper does not restrict itself to a particular party but will serve and publish any genuine stories sent to us via our Gmail at
In your response you craftily avoided the issue of rediting that poorly concocted post about the Dissolution of DSIEC, where you try so much to hacth an earlier planned but not yet onslauhht against the person of chief James Ibori out of overzealisness and having known you goofed, you shamelessly did  a damage control measure after you in your characteristic manner tried to rubbish the leader of your party Chief James Ibori in other to save the face and impress the gullible mind of your present benefactor.

May I announce to you that by that post you have ended your political carrier because you knew nothing about the working of Delta PDP, you look more like a lone ranger and will soon be shown the way out.
Latimore we are aware of the secret path you have with a political party to destroy the PDP and we will prove that to you and your employers in no distant of the measure is to attract more enemies to this government within and outside your fold.

We are also aware of a lot of rubbish you have said about Chief James Ibori secretly, we refused to bring it to the public because nobody expect anything less from you but as it is now we shall come up with them in due course.
We are also aware of how you have been commissioned to blackmail and make mockery of the same leader in the event that he later refuse to be favourably disposed to the second term bid of your master. any half educated person that read through that particular paragraph in your post will know who you are referring to when you said “Okowa cannot be controlled like a puppet or must consult ex Governors”
Our online blog is not sponsored by any political party as we have also made stories on behalf of both PDP and APC.
Let it be known that we will continue to fight for the development of this state by exposing the ills of this government or that of any state as long as our investigation is authentic.
Lastly we hope u know that even within the PDP some of your people are beginning to realise your mission to destroy the party,it is in the beat interest of Gov Okowa to relieve you of your services if not you will be his greatest nightmare and regret. You are part of the plan to take over Delta and at the end Okowa will be left with no option than to remind us of the sad end and last speech of King Augustus Caesar, ” et u Brutus ?

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