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We are constrained to write this open letter to bring to your notice and
necessary action the gross marginalization of the Urhobo people and the
appropriation of all appointments, projects and empowerment to different ethnic nationality
while underminig the urhobo nation which coincidentally is the fifth largest ethnic nationality in Nigeria.
It is a known fact that the urhobos are peace loving people and have always maintained
a peaceful disposition even in the face of gross marginalisation against its people.
Let me state here that our peaceful disposition is not borne out of cowardice but as people who believe in dialogue as a veritable tool for conflict resolution.
My dear president we are not unaware of the security threats pervading our nation currently. we equally believe that unless there is a concerted effort by the federal government to address the seeming injustice against the Niger Delta people the quest for self determination of the federating unit will continue unabated.
Mr President it is obvious that Nigeria is operating a mono economy and it is imperative to access a way forward that will guarantee unhindered export of crude oil devoid of any form of sabotage and security risk. In the light of the above circumstances i want to call on the Nigerian government to among other things take advantage of the peace loving nature of urhobo nation and grant the following request
1. Build a crude oil export terminal zone to be located in Sapele,Okwagbe, Oghara and warri.
2.Appointment of a qualified Minister from Urhobo
3. Inclusion of the Urhobos who subscribed to the Amnesty programmes in the
training of ex militants and partaking in the benefit thereon.
3. Adequate funding of the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun,
FUPRE to enable the institution takes off properly.
4. Appointment without delay of qualified Urhobo son or daughter into key and
strategic offices, which include but not limited to;NNPC, NPA, NIMASA,
ETF, PTDF etc. to enable our people have a sense of belonging to justify their
huge support to your presidency.
We implore you to address our grievance and grant our modest demands in
the spirit of the change agenda.
5. Resuscitation of DSC Sapele and Okwagbe port , including DSC and Delta glass.
Though we sympathise with our Ijaw brothers in their bid to break out from the Nigerian state we still believe that dialogue remains the best option. we also call on the federal government to note that until this marginalisation against the urhobo nation is addressed our people might resort to self determination as a way forward.

Sanco Ese
PG Urhobo development and unity forum

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