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12 Oct, 2017

I read with great consternation the above write up credited to  Barr Fred Latimore,the Executive Assistant to the Delta state Governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, Ordinarily replying him is to allow him savour the taste of unmerited publicity and undue relevance, but for the sake of those who might be tempted to believe the garbage you spew out of your mouth am tempted to clear the air once again after your first attack on distinguished Chief Osiobe Okotie, 1st Deputy president general of UPU and a leading governorship aspirant of APC Delta State

Over time he  has distinguished himself as the most tragic and regrettable personality that ever got involved in emergency journalism driven by hunger and falsehood, he suffers “Anti social personality disorder” occasioned by Bipolar disorder and in recent time he has also suffered moral turpitude among civilised and decent people of the world.

Latimore, In your state of schizophrenia you alleged that the leader of Delta state APC, Olorogun Otega Emerhor, your former principal, a man who brought you out of the strangulating grip of poverty and  whom today you now endlessly denigrate through blackmail and senseless accusations has dumped Olorogun Osiobe Okotie for Prof Pat Utomi, both of whom have made their mark and are men of impeccable character.

I have time without number made it abundantly clear that Chief Osiobe Okotie apart from the fact that he has never been an active politician has also not benefitted materially from politics either through contract or political appointment, He has never even met or sat with Olorogun Otega Emerhor on a one on one basis until about a week ago when he paid him a consultative visit at his residence at Ewvreni and there was no time before or after that Olorogun Otega Emerhor agreed to expressly support or bankrolled his election.

In your characteristic manner you tried to stand the truth on its head when you said Olorogun Emerhor further presented Prof Pat Utomi to Urhobo social club in Lagos, what a world of deliberate falsehood and mischievous hallucination from a serial blackmailer.

It is a known fact that Pat Utomi was never at anytime presented by Olorogun Otega Emerhor and his visit to Urhobo social club predates the aspiration ofdistrict.Okotie, it is therefore nonsensical to say Okotie was dumped for Prof Pat Utomi besides if you are a true Urhobo man you will know that the Urhobos has not at anytime reneged on the Ovwiamuge declaration. It is preposterous and utterly ludicrous to conjure such lies on the well respected Urhobo social club in other to set them on a collision course with the Urhobo nation.

Wherever you concocted that imaginary political scientist from Ughelli who undertook that feasibility study from is either a figment of your demented imagination or a made is Asaba consultant only known to you and your politically retrogressive party.

We are also not unmindful of the fact that Gov Ifeanyi Okowa is equally jittery over the soaring popularity of Chief Osiobe Okotie among Deltans as a grassroot mobiliser generally acknowledged and accepted among the 3 senatorial district.

Your desperation to decimate the rank and file of the APC can only be attributed to a known fact that there is disquiet in the political camp of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta state in the wake of mass defection from the Peoples Democratic Party, particularly from Okowa’s stronghold in Delta North Senatorial District.

The desperation of your boss, Sen Okowa to use your office to constantly propagate utter falsehood is worrisome, baseless and indicative of loss of confidence of the PDP led government to woo voters based on track record of its achievement and track record.

It is an indication that the Governor of Delta state, Mr. Ifeanyi Okowa is jittery over his 2019 reelection bid as all strategic advances made showed he has lost ground in Delta South and Central despite heavy political investment made in terms of appointments in the districts

It is in a bid to console your clueless and grossly incompetent principal you posited that Chief Osiobe Okotie has been dumped, it might interest you to note that Chief Osiobe Okotie has the political popularity ,sagacity and pedigree to win the PDP political dynasty come 2019, I consider this worthless vituperation as a declaration of a dying man who while sinking will hold unto anything to save his life, It is a pity that most politicians are incurable optimist, May I ask you when last did you see Chief James Ibori in any of your worthless and fruitless PDP gathering? It is a clear manifestation that apart from Ibori, even the gods have rejected your principal Sen.Ifeanyi Okowa aka “Ego Aria” ,

Moreso in your desperation you to impress your principal you also forgot that we are fast approaching the era of electronic voting and every act of electoral vices which have hitherto given your party an edge in time past is now history, you will be shock at the level of electoral defeat your principal will suffer under Chief Osiobe Okotie who will eventually emerge as the sole candidate of Delta APC come 2019.

As a good aide please tell your principal that he is the worst governor in the History of Delta state and he will be the first governor to suffer the misfortune of a one term in the history of Delta state politics. and for the records as it is today Chief Osiobe Okotie has eaten deep into the minds and consciousness of Deltans and will defeat Okowa any day in his own senatorial district, you can take it to the banks.

Sanco Ese
Director of Media and Publicly to Chief Osiobe Okotie

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