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Dont Be Coward: Hon. Billy Egbe Charge Nnamdi Kanu To Prove His Capacity As A Warlord



Billy Egbe
Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB members are just fraudulent cowards whose secessionist agenda end in their lips.
At the climax of the Boko Haram secessionist movement, we saw suicide bombers and murderous elements who went completely berserk and uncontrollable just to cause confusion and the movement succeeded albeit minimally to carve out a territory for itself.

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However, the Nigerian Army, judged to be the best in Peacekeeping activities, reclaimed those territories and quenched all tensions in the Northeast by technically defeating Boko Haram. That war of a few years led the Federal Government to the creation of the NORTH EAST DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (NEDC) with the sole aim of redeveloping the North-East Region after several years of political/religious warfare. In fact, despite the gallantry of the Nigerian Military, Boko Haram elements are still sparsely active.
Same thing happened in the Niger Delta region where our own people burnt down oil installations and brought the economy to a standstill. In Odi, a whole community was wiped off into oblivion. At the inception of the Niger Delta struggle, we lost great men like Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogoni eight. In fact the Niger Delta region, with more arms and ammunitions than some independent nations in Asia and South America could not stand the firepower of the Nigerian Army and at the end of the whole roforofor, everyone compromised and dialogue was attained.

Nnadi kanu

I think Nnamdi Kanu should come out of hiding and lead the battle for freedom like the Tompolos, the Dokubos, the Boyloafs and the Atekes. He should order his “formidable” militia to bring down the Niger Bridge so that economic activities between Nigeria and Biafra can be reduced minimally in view of the fact that the Niger Bridge is the avenue through which his supporters with Business interests in both Nigeria and “Biafra” exchange goods and certain services. Nnamdi Kanu should work the talk. He had always boasted to have the capacity to bring Nigeria down and it is now his opportunity to carry out his threat. The Nigerian Army which represents the strength of Nigeria’s sovereignty is now in his doorstep in Aba and I implore Nnamdi Kanu to prove his Leadership capacity by leading his “Formidable” Army against the Nigerian Military. Nnamdi Kanu must understand that secession and the war for freedom are not won through propaganda and painting of graphic pictures to draw sympathy from the unsuspecting public. Only gullible people subscribe to Biafran fake stories. Nnamdi Kanu should take his war out of social media and face the “Animals from the Zoo”. The Army is home with him now.

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