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Brief Account of our one year anniversary –

The President General , Executives, Board of Trustee, Advisers leaders and members of Urhobo Development and Unity forum celebrate our organisation’s one year anniversary.
Members gathered in sapele to celebrate this event which was hosted by the president General Hon Ese Sanco Darlington. The event was characterised with stock taking, memories, and historical actions of how things have gone in the last one year.


It was with high sense of responsiblity we look back and find satisfaction in all that we were able to do in the last one year of our existence as a group. We must thank God who has given us the ability to be a very loud voice for our people even when the resources to champion this course was limited, the almighty was with us because ours was not a self-seeking venture but a collective struggle for a people who are seen to be lions but could not roar.

From our inaugural meeting, it was clear that this is a project that was needed in our present day Urhobo as we saw passion and zeal that pushed us from that day till date. Our thanksgiving service at Christ Missionaries crusaders church, headquarters where the reverend man of God bishop God do well Avwomakpa declared that great men will come to us and that we will be a voice to liberate urhobo. And that part we have not neglected and we know God is taking us there.
We decided to take on some basic issues facing the urhobo nations head on. Happening such as but not limited to the Presco taking of our land at Ovre Eku, the UPU leadership crisis, Fulani herdsmen killing at abraka, the Aladja Ogbe Ijoh crisis. These struggles have taken us far and near, to leaders and friends, government and our respected traditional leaders. We visited the national boundary commission and pulled them to asaba and benin and we still have follow up informations from them from time to time. While we may not want to go political we wish that our government expedite action so that the suffering of our people will come to an end.
We also visited a team of Ijaw leaders and influential militant leaders and war lords of the ijaw nation on how to see that the crisis in aladja will come to an end after we have earlier visited our Aladja family. A lot of revelation and information was given but we did not stop there, we still went ahead to negotiate for a better society and peaceful urhobo nation and by extension delta state and Nigeria. This we will not relent till a permanent peace is achieved.
In our passion to empower our people financially with good jobs and business we did our best to bring to reality sapele industrial park, A multibillion dollar business venture to open up the sapele Idjerhe, mosogar oghara environs with oil and gas, agricultural and industrial development activities, this took us to see the relevant stakeholders of this project. We visited the Orodje of Okpe who gave us his blessings and the duke of sapele, we visited the then speaker of delta state house of assembly who promised to act on our proposal. While we wish that this come to life, we think that there are some strong factors working against this vision. We will not relent but continue to push till we achieve what we want to achieve.
There was a struggle for the Appointment of executive Director of Project, NDDC. UDUF was at the pinnacle of the struggle for an urhobo nominated brother. We from our limited resources without backing staged a solidarity match in support of our own. We thank God that this was a battle won, it only remain for our brother to show appreciation by ensuring that he does not let the urhobo nation down in his discharge of duties.
During our first year of existence, we have consulted and visited various stakeholders in the urhobo struggle. We visited the leader of the association of urhobo traditional rulers, the revered and highly respect Owhorode of Olomu, the great king of okpe kingdom, orodje of okpe, former vice president Ahlaji Atiku Abubakar, The Obarisi of urhobo land, Senator Ovie A. Omoagege, Gen Obada Rtd, chief Joe Omene Chief Osiobe, Chief Ogbetuo, Chief Ede Edafenone chief Moses Tiaga and counting. All these great fathers, sons and friends of the urhobo nation we are very grateful.
We cannot forget those who have contributed to the success of this one year of existence. We appreciate our daddy High Chief P Akpeki, the Ugo of Okpe kingdom for his advice and support may God continue to grant you wisdom as you join us in championing the urhobo agenda. We also appreciate chief Joseph Daniels for his contribution of accommodating us when we are in warri for meetings and plans. We appreciate our Lagos leaders who still find time to come home to join us in meetings that we have planned and worked out for the growth of our fatherland. Uwejeyan and Agaga and team may God bless you for us, we also are grateful to our diaspora brothers for your contribution and advice God bless you. We may not be able to mention the names of everybody but we know we have you all in our prayers as we work towards a better urhobo for us all.
Going forward, we must know that whatever is urhobo interest, wherever is urhobo interest, and whenever is urhobo interest is what UDUF stands for and so we will continue to ensure that we are partners with the urhobo project. No matter how we fight and stubble we will not relent in our struggle for a better urhobo.


Ese Sanco

President general, Urhobo devt  and Unity forum.
God bless UDUF
Gid bless Urhobo
God bless us all