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Re. I Will Defeat Okowa In 2019. Chief Okotie Osiobe



19th Aug,2017


By Sanco Ese

Ordinarily replying you is to allow you savour the taste of unmerited publicity and undue relevance, but for the sake of those who might be tempted to believe the garbage you spew out of your mouth am tempted to clear the air.

Latimore, your journey to social media stardom started on the 19th of December 2014 when you were appointed as Director of communication to Olorogun Otega Emerhor, a man who loved and care for you so much, a man that provided you the opportunity to own what ordinarily you wouldn’t have been able to achieve in all your blackmailing and miserable sojourn into the media world, suffice to say within that unexpired period people admired you because of your principled stance against political shenanigans and jobbers who have reduced our dear country to a laughing stock in the comity of nations, you were on the side of the masses and Justice, you became a front line social media Crusader that is ruggedly committed to flush out clueless and corrupt politicians from the political equation of this great nation and bring about a new Delta state and Nigeria of our dream.

You were actually the beautiful bride until the ancestral Idol from your fathers house struck you with an ailment called “Anti social personality disorder” occasioned by Bipolar disorder, today you suffer moral turpitude among civilised and decent people of the world.
Now let me address the major reason for this response, in your skewed Imagination you tried so much in futility to discredit the person of Chief Osiobe Okotie, a philanthropist, 1st deputy president general of UPU and a leading contender of the governorship position of Delta state under the umbrella of the All progressive Congress (APC) come 2019.

In your state of schizophrenia you forgot that Chief Osiobe Okotie has never been an active politician and have never even met or sat with Olorogun Otega Emerhor on a one on one basis until recently during the swearing in of the state executive committees of APC held at the party state secretariat Asaba where they sat at an unmanageable distance. It might interest you to note that since then he has been making serious efforts to meet with him to no avail due to circumstances that is not in tandem with the issue of convenience. the last time I checked Olorogun Otega Emerhor as a leader of Delta APC hasn’t declared his intention to contest come 2019. In short, you actually spoke like a demented intellectual under the influence of hallucination when you concocted that theory of conspiracy against Chief Great Ogboru. I want to challenge you as a former confidant of Olorogun Otega Emerhor to produce either written or pictorial evidence to show Chief Osiobe Okotie has ever met with your former Boss.

In your desperation to denigrate the personality of the APC state woman leader,Dr Mrs Janet Oyubu, you tried so hard to mischievously quote her out of context when she said APC faithfuls will not be induced by money bags or intimidated by Big name such as that of a “seating governor”.
In your characteristic manner you tried to stand the truth on its head when you said she was actually referring to Chief Ovedje Ogboru. While you may wish to progress in your world of deliberate and progressive ignorance let me make it abundantly clear that Dr Mrs Oyubu is a political guru and a feminine intellectual giant of unparalleled ingenuity, she cannot afford to make such a dumb and ludicrous statement against a party stalwart, may I also remind you that she is not in the same class with any of your PDP state woman leader in Nigeria, she will certainly dwarf them politically and intellectually. She actually directed her speech to your principal.


Furthermore in a bid to console your clueless and grossly incompetent principal you posited that Chief Osiobe Okotie lacks the political popularity ,sagacity and pedigree to win the Ibori Okowa political dynasty, I consider this worthless vituperation as a declaration of a dying man who while sinking will hold unto anything to save his life, It is a pity that most politicians are incurable optimist, May I ask you when last did you see Chief James Ibori in any of your worthless and fruitless PDP gathering? It is a clear manifestation that apart from Ibori, even the gods have rejected your principal Sen.Ifeanyi Okowa aka “Ego Aria” ,

Moreso in your desperation you to impress your principal you also forgot that we are the era of electronic voting and every act of electoral vices which have hitherto given your party an edge in time past is now history, you will be shock at the level of electoral defeat your principal will suffer come 2019. As a good aide please tell your principal that he is the worst governor in the History of Delta state and he will be the first governor to suffer the misfortune of a one term in the history of Delta state politics,

Having gone through your poorly concocted post am tempted to believe that you need a cognitive behavioral therapy after referring to chief Osiobe Okotie as as bad manager and a chronic debtor, may I also inform you that apart from being a successful oil magnate he is richer than you and your principal put together without the proceeds of corruption, permit me to remind you that he has no record of corruption or having any dealings with government in terms of contracts or political appointments, he is not indebted to anyone or company, his life is a success story only attributable to hard work,honesty coupled with impeccable track record of honesty and integrity.

However in a show of unimaginable dumbness, you cleverly avoided to comment on the area where he lamented the high rate of underdevelopment, infrastructural decay, non payment of workers salaries for over a year now, non payment of pensioners salaries and diversion of 50% of the 13% derivation accruable to DESOPADEC, in any case these are issues that are already in the public domain and honestly I do not wish to dwell on it.

Lastly you advised he should contest for councillorship position, may I also remind you that the Chief Osiobe Okotie that I know is a humble, honest and a grassroot mobiliser with insurmountable sagacity, It is clear that his ever rising popularity among Deltans is already making your camp jittery, you also know that even a dummy will win Sen.Ifeanyi Okowa come 2019 and as it is today he is the most hated governor in Nigeria, the truth is that Chief Okotie Osiobe even as a councillor will perform better than Sen.Ifeanyi Okowa who is undoubtedly the most clueless Governor in the history of our nascent democracy.

Sanco Ese wrote