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22nd Aug 2017

I should mention that I am an Urhobo and the son of the late Cheif Sanco Adogbeji, the Emafidon of Okpe kingdom,a dogged politician and an undisputed political gladiator in Bendel pol Nonetheless, this is not meant to be a jingoistic piece, but rather an analysis of the political state of the Urhobos and its collective interest, I have vowed that I will never play politics when it comes to issues that bother on the advancement of the Urhobo nation and those who would want to use politics as the basis of judging my actions or inactions will continue to progress in error.
I have been in the forefront of the campaign that Okowa is a tribal bigot and the Urhobos will suffer for it if he is given the opportunity to serve a second tenure for the following reasons.
First, Okowa for whatever reasons till this very minute has refused to fund DESOPADEC because in his contemplation funding DESOPADEC will give the Urhobo nation an edge because the Urhobo man is at the helm of affairs.
Secondly you will recall that sometimes earlier this year the Vice president visited Delta state to consult with various ethnic nationality in the state,despite the fact that he landed at Osubi airport in Okpe Local government and reception also took place in PTI Effurun in Uwvie local government the governor did not deem it wise to allow him visit any of Urhobo monarch to enable them chat one on one in respect to issues bothering Urhobo nation because of his hatred for the  Urhobo as a people, who in his estimation are too domineering politically. He further spat on the faces of the Urhobo monarchs when He kept them waiting endlessly for several hours and only came back after their private visit to monarchs of every other ethnic nationality in the state without the courtesy of even rendering an apology when they finally came to the reception ground at PTI, perhaps that necessitated why the monarchs Led by the Orodje of Okpe staged a walk out and the rest today is history.
Thirdly, It is already in the public domain that Gov.Okowa has virtually incapacitated every Urhobo man holding sensitive position in his government, all my life as an active politician in our dear state I have never seen a situation where an SSG is so decapacitated to the level of an office clerk while the Commissioner of finance is not more than an account clerk, thier powers taken over by the principal secretary and Accountant general of the state respectively just because they are not from Ika,the same senatorial district with him, My question to him is that was that how he was relegated when he served as SSG under his predecessor? I leave that question to Okowa and his conscience.
Fourthly Okowa remain the only Governor that treats Urhobo youth with utmost disdain, disregard and disrespect, he looks at them as bunch of nonentities, this assertion can also be confirmed from the recent harassment and attempted assassination of my humble self and Dr Harrison by thugs loyal to Gov Ifeanyi Okowa, when we led delegation of urhobo people on a peaceful protest to Asaba under the auspices of urhobo development and unity forum (UDUF) to protest against the killing of the Urhobos by killer herdsmen. Up till this very minute he has refused to condemn the action of those his thugs and kinsmen who attempted our lives.
My question is can he do that to the Ijaw youth council or the Itsekiri youth council without a backlash from the leaders of both ethnic nationalities or without him apologizing?
Though am not a member of PDP but I am aware that Okowa in his bid to dethrone Chief James Ibori, an Urhobo man has set machinery in motion to dismantle Ibori political dynasty in other to become the new God father of Delta politics and event of the past weeks in the Delta state house of Assembly have given credence to this evil plot against his benefactor, this he has started by removing Hon Ovwigho Igbuya as the speaker of the Delta state House of Assembly, a die hard loyalist of the former governor.
Moreso you will recall that during the burial ceremony of Late Olorogun Felix Ibru the Delta state government apart from deliberately refusing to acknowledge UPU in the program of events, In his quest to further humiliate the Urhobo nation refused to allow the then president general of UPU, Chief Joe Omene to give a valedictory speech on behalf of the Urhobo nation, no where in the world will such insolence be condoned, My question is can he extend that same behavior to the umbrella body of any other ethnic nationality in Delta state when burying their illustrious son?
Finally let me say If I continue to mention why Urhobos have rejected him time and space will not allow me but I would end this epistle by asking Gov.Okowa why the president of the Urhobo youth council (UYC) resigned as an SA to the Delta state government, the answer is simple, he was humiliated and subjected to circumstances that demean the collective integrity and interest of the Urhobo nation,the man couldn’t take it anymore ,instead of the man in him to die,he bowed out with his head high.

Sanco Ese wrote from Warri

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