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Delta, Most Corrupt State under Okowa, Lets Support Osiobe Okotie – Sanco Ese


Delta, Most Corrupt State under Okowa, Lets Support Osiobe Okotie – Sanco Ese

Sanco Ese, is a leader, an activist, Member of the electoral committee, National sport federation, Secretary Directorate of political and Democratic culture Nycn and a member of Delta State APC publicity committee, In this encounter with whistle blowers he bares his mind about corruption in Delta state and why he wants Chief Okotie Osiobe as Governor come 2019.
” Delta as the most corrupt state in Nigeria will not come as a surprise to keen observers. Delta State is officially the most corrupt Nigerian State. Since the return of democracy in 1999, this State has been plagued by corrupt leaders who have amassed wealth for themselves at the expense of the masses. In fact, corruption is so ingrained in the psyche of Deltans that corrupt leaders that build one or two roads and bridges are seen as heroes!!! In Delta State, corruption occurs at all levels. In governance, corruption manifests through the awards of phantom contracts, inflation of prices of contracts, amassment of public wealth for personal use, diversion of public funds by the state Chief Executive officer, electoral malpractice since the beginning of our nascent democracy, and so much more. The State Civil Service is not left out,they are very corrupt and civil servants are known to collect bribes for little things as vehicle license registration, among others. In terms of Education, corruption is rife as obvious in the high amount of “miracle centres” in the State where monies are collected from students to enable them to pass their examinations. This trend extends to the State polytechnics and University at Abraka. In fact, the average Deltan sees corruption as nothing. Internet fraud is high in cities such as Warri, Asaba, Ughelli, Sapele, Abraka, and other towns across the State. “Yahoo-Yahoo” or “Gee” as it is called, it socially acceptable in this State. The average Deltan wants to defraud you. For over 25 years of the state, there has been no true development whatsoever and the irony is that this is an Oil Producing State and one of the richest in Nigeria! Even employment is done on the basis of nepotism and bribery! Delta State is floating in a sea of corruption and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has not shone its light there for a long time.

The case is even worse under this present administration, since the current givernor Sen. Okowa took over 2yrs ago he has received over #400bn with nothing to show for it in terms of development, he keeps on increasing our debt profile with no tangible projects embarked upon, even workers in the state have not been paid for 14 months. Monies that was suppose to be used for oil producing communities through DESOPADEC has been diverted and unaccounted for, no employment and if there is any it is shrouded in utmost secrecy.

Okowa started his administration by dismissing over 3000 civil servants without any tangible reasons, today they are suffering while most of them have resorted to crime, pensioners are dying in numbers and the state is exceptionally stagnant in all ramifications.

Just recently over #10bn was received as bail out fund by Delta state ,as I speak while other states has specified how they intend spending that money that if Delta is shrouded in mystery and up till date nobody knew what happened to that money.

The Governor is so bereft of Ideas that no tangible projects has been commissioned by him except for some privately owned schools, barbing salons, filling stations and eateries owned by his sponsors during the governorship election.

Deltans are tired and are in Dire need for good leadership and that is why  we are supporting Chief Osiobe, a man who became wealthy as a result of hardwork, integrity, forsight and  has been  divinely mandated to Rescue Delta State.
2019 promises to be very decisive as Deltans have resolved to effect a change by voting for a credible leader.
A lot of credible people are beginning to show much concern in rescuing Delta state from the hands of corrupt politicians and evil cabals that have held the state down and squander our common patrimony for too long.
Though Delta north claim they must have a second tenure but the chances are very slim as a result of high level of incompetence displayed by the current Governor. It is most likely Delta north will loose out in this game if they field the present Governor for a second tenure because of his under performance and incompetence .
It is my conviction that Democracy will only strive if we allow competence instead of sentiments to be our driving force.
The entry of Chief Okotie Osiobe , 1st deputy president general of UPU, a young vibrant and seasoned administrator, an oil Mogul, property expert and director of so many companies will mark a radical change in the leaderships of this state.
I believe that Deltans especially the  Urhobos have been shortchanged in this government and are determined to project one of thier own to take over government house come was also gathered from my investigation that the leadership of Urhobo nation have thriwn thier weight behind Chief Okotie Osiobe as thier candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial election 2019 and are working day and night to ensure his victory. The gubernatorial hopeful is believed to be honest,detribalised,incorruptible,passionate and highly committed to the development of Delta state.

There is no doubt in my mind at all that any candidate presented by the APC for the forthcoming gubernatorial election would have an easy ride to the Dennis Osadebe Government House, Asaba, 2019, because of my conviction that the ruling party in the state, the Peoples Democratic Party, has lost its popularity among the people.

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