Zoning is Evil and Should be Eradicated from Our Democratic Process,By Ese Sanco

Anytime I hear the word zoning I try as much as possible to analyse it objectively, though it has been used to give various regions in the country a sense of belonging, it is totally unacceptable as a standard practice at the state and other level of government because of its attendant disadvantage and anti democratic tendencies.
The adopted PDP system that favours zoning has been our major undoing since the beginning of this Democratic dispensation in Delta state, it is clear that at the inception of this our nascent democracy when all tribes were allowed to feature their own candidate, the outcome was the election of chief James Ibori as the governor of Delta state.
You will also agree with me that up till this moment Chief James Ibori comparatively still remain the best Governor Delta has gotten so far.it would also be noted that since Chief Onanefe Ibori introduced zoning system into the political equation of the state we have got the worst form of leadership, permit me to say that people without competence and pedigree were now thrown out by various senatorial district to Mount the exalted seat of the governor of this state and today the outcome and failures are there for all to see.
It would be noted that the zoning system has succeeded in dividing us along tribal lines, people elected as Governors no longer pledge loyalty to Deltans but their ethnic nationalities, the resultant effect is tribalism,sectionalism, greed and corruption. Every policies and government parastatals that does not favour a particular senatorial district is killed and only policies that favour a particular senatorial district that produced the governor is been encouraged, example DESOPADEC which has now been rendered redundant by Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa because it does not serve the interest of his own senatorial district.
Apart from encouraging incompetence and excluding competent people who can move us forward this theory to me is deceptive and ill motivated as there was no time other senatorial districts did not compete for the governorship position, besides it is bound to fail because tribes like Ijaw Isoko and ukwani in Delta north and south are already expressing thier intention to have a shot at the governorship despite the fact that their senatorial district just produced the Governor,even in delta Central it is already causing disunity as the people of Udu,Okpe and Ethiope east are already fighting among themselves whose turn it is to produce the Governor when is time for Delta central, the system is responsible for the current lack of direction and incompetence that has rocked us as a people and as such should be totally discouraged from our emerging democratic practices.
Conclusively it is my humble opinion that the issue of zoning should be totally deleted from our political lexicon as it negates the true spirit of Democratic governance and encourage incompetence, corruption, sectionalism, tribalism and disunity among us.

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