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Permit me to begin my contribution with an expression of support and solidarity with other ethnic nationalities, civil society organisations and human right groups in the Niger Delta
for their commitment and sacrifice in the pursuit of political and
socio-economic justice in the region
I would want to however express the total commitment of the urhobo nation to self determination after Aug 1, it is pertinent to know that the urhobos have been marginalised both at the federal level and within the Niger Delta region. it is on record that the urhobos have been sidelined from benefiting from various project aimed at ameliorating the sufferings of the iol producing areas of the Niger Delta. e.g the amnesty program,job placement in multinational companies and just recently the EPZ gas project sited in both Itsekiri and Ijaw land despite the fact that we are one of the highest producers of gas in the region. moreso urhobos has never be considered as worthy of holding any top federal appointment like the petroleum minister
It is sad to note that there was no where in the MOU of the EPZ gas project where the name of the urhobos were mentioned as a stakeholder in the project.
Urhobo land has 15 Oil and Gas fields with over 400 oil wells. The Utorogu Gas Plant in Out-Jeremi is the largest Gas Plant in Africa South of the Sahara. it also has two gas-fired electricity plants at Ughelli and Sapele., apart from oil and gas, the proposed Urhobo is endowed with other mineral resources such as Sand, Silica, Kaolin, Clay,
Byrite and forest resources such as Timber, Oil palm, Raffia Palm
and Rubber.
Urhobo is also demographically bigger than 74 countries in the United Nations’
list of countries by population. Examples of such sovereign states
are Gabon, Cyprus, Equatorial Guinea, Luxembourg, Qatar, Sao-
Tome and Principe, Iceland, Comoros, Seychelles, Caribbea to mention but a few.
It is alarming that a people with such potentials after contributing to our common wealth can be treated with so much contempt and utter disregard. so far we have not been consulted and our interest spelt out as a people on any issue concerning secessionn
It is our opinion that after Aug 1 we shall be entitled to self determination in the event of a possible break up by the Ijaw nation. we must negotiate with the Nigerian state, Urhobos must have thier own state created for them while the principle of true fiscal federalism will form the bedrock of our collective existence as a nation. I thank you all

Sanco Ese

President general

Urhobo development and unity forumurhobo learders

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