NDDC, Sam Ajogbe Wanted Me to Cause Mayhem In the Niger Delta.Ex Militant



“Engr. Ajenakevwe Samuel Adjogbe Wanted Me To Precipitate Crisis Against Buhari Administration-ex
Militant, Akpodoro”

Report reaching whistle blowers indicates that an Ex Militant, Isreal Akpidoro has accused the Executive Director, Project of NDDC, Engr. Ajenakevwe Samuel of funding opposition and anti party activity .


What is your take on the popularity of the APC
administration in the country?

Let me tell you most sincerely that the popularity of
this government grows by the seconds, because of
its achievements which are too many to mention in
a swoop. The war against corruption in all facets of
our national life which had hitherto impeded the
progress of the country is one of the credible
achievements of the Buhari administration. In the
area of infrastructure, we can see how well this
administration is doing. 2 Niger Bridge, Lagos –
Ibadan express way, Kaduna -Mokwa-Ilorin Road,
upgrading of our airports and the developmental
tsunamis that would soon sweep through our power
system amongst many others, are pointers to the
reasons for the popularity and goodwill enjoyed by
this government.

Furthermore, the fact that career looters in Nigeria
are on the edge is another proof to the wise
decision made by Nigerians in 2015 in their massive
support which culminated into the mandate freely
given to the arrowhead of a new Nigeria – President
Buhari. We can see reprobates, never-do – wells,
reactionary elements… kick everyday in their
perpetually failed attempts at undermining this
administration in their evil wishes for the President
and by extention the people of Nigeria.
In the Niger Delta region that is your base, how do
you assess the President’s acceptability?
Just like I earlier stated, we are no fools in the
Niger Delta, we have conscience and our region is
preponderated by men and women of good
conscience. The President is highly exteemed in the
region by the youth population, men and women of
goodwill. I therefore rate the President high in
popularity in the region, but save for some
questionable characters who found their way through
the backdoor into this government, using their
commercial political godfathers. One of them and a
major culprit in this bunch is the Executive Director,
Project, NDDC, Engr. Ajenakevwe Samuel Adjogbe.
He was and remains a PDP faithful, who was
brought in by a politician legendary in electoral
failure with the propensity to shortchange the

Can you throw more light into his activities for the
benefit of the people of the region?

Why not? Adjogbe contested the primaries for the
seat of Constituency 1 in Ughelli North LGA in the
Delta State House of Assembly on the platform of
the PDP. An urchin who is notable for hopping
around political personalities in the state is currently
lurking around Adjogbe without an official portfolio
as lately discovered, Jaro Egbo, contested the
primaries for Constituency 2 in same LGA on the
platform of PDP, but they both failed in their bids
for the DTHA. To the best of my knowledge, none
of the duo publicly renounced their membership of
PDP before the appointment of Adjogbe as the EDP
and consequently Egbo’s fraternity.
Are you saying that being a member of PDP
reduces his ability to perform?

Being a member of the party rejected by the people
of Nigeria for award winning corruption, Adjogbe is
not fit for that office, because he’s in the
Commission to spread the gospel of corruption and
entrench it. He is lacking in character to effectively
manage that office. Adjogbe lacks the needed
regional interest to effect changes as Project
Director. He is petty and engages in underhand

What are the possible underhand dealings you think
the EDP is engaged in?

They are many. For instance, when the Commission
mandated me to anchor a meeting between the
Commission and the ex-militants and youth
coalition, he (Adjogbe) told me to use the meeting
to cause chaos in the region so that the
Commission can dole out emergency funds. I
refused and told him in my language that the MD
trusted me so much and I was going to
successfully deliver on the mandate for President
Buhari APC led federal government. My position
didn’t go down well with him and I went ahead and
succeeded in steering the ship of the largest
congregation of the region’s youth to safety to the
anger of Adjogbe. I deduced from him that he
committed fraud when there were crises in the
region under emergency budget.

Secondly, when advertisement was placed early this
year by the Commission for expression of interest
for jobs (contracts) most conditions stated by
Adjogbe were alien to contractors, which drew flak
from the masses of the region. I intervened, only for
Adjogbe to take advantage of that to hoard tender
certificate whereas people bidded and paid all
charges in full. Till date, tenders are yet to be
issued for want of stealing whereas he gave
contracts to his cronies on daily basis.
But, we saw the advertisement placed early this year
in the national dailies, calling for contractors to bid
and it was adjudged credible, how come same
process is being faulted?

People bidded for the contracts, paid all the dues,
but till date the tenders are being hoarded and jobs
awarded to Adjogbe’s cronies. For instance, an APC
Chairman in one of the LGAs died over the issue on
his way from Portharcourt where he went to collect
his tender. He was arrogantly ignored by the EDP at
whose instance he went to the Commission. If
Adjogbe was good as he makes futile efforts to
claim, why was he suspended by the Minister of
Niger Delta Affairs over issues bothering on

How do you mean?

Yes, he was suspended over sharp practices, high
handedness, arrogance, gross abuse of office and
anti party activities, but his suspension after the
efforts of inglorious godfather whom the people of
Delta State consistently rejects at the polls through
some political jobbers in the corridor of power
waded in and had the suspension commuted to
query. That alone is a testimony to all I’ve stated.
You mentioned an aide of EDP in allegation of
forgery and defamation of character, can you throw
more light on this?

Jaro Egbo, made a publication against me, alleging
that security agencies declared me wanted for
sundry crimes. Incidentally, I am yet to know when
Egbo became the Spokesperson to an Office called
Security Agencies, yet he claims to be a lawyer.
Egbo does not know in his craze for psychophancy
that he has infringed on my Human Rights, but I’ve
told my lawyers to file case against him. He hops
from one personality in the State to the other and a
purveyor through which monies are stolen from the
establishment. Officially, Egbo is not an appointee of
the Commission, but one who hovers around the
EDP in joint efforts to perpetrate sleaze. We shall
meet in court soon.

Why are you in the centre of the storm now, having
been hands-in-glove with management of the

The reason is that I refused to do the bidding of the
EDP; I declined doing bad jobs for him particularly
to cause trouble, using the youth of the region for
him to harp on to syphon money in the name of
emergency votes. I told him to be loyal to the party
– APC that appointed him into office and ensure he
shore up the support of our party, but being a loyal
member of the PDP, my advice drew his anger and
the desperation to demonise me in the region. He
wanted me to precipitate crisis for him in the region
against the administration I toiled to bring on board,
while he and his cohorts fought hard for the PDP.
The irony is that while we worked for APC, this
opportunist who is reaping from where he didn’t sow
was in the PDP where contested the primaries of
his party, but today, the tail now wags the dog.

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