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The 2019 general election promises to be very interesting and intriguing, even more than 2015. Between 2015 and now, the political tempo has changed. The political dynamics, the forces at play, the dramatis personae and the issues that would determine the outcome of the 2019 elections have taken a new mode in Delta State. Though the change APC promised Nigerians may yet not be manifestly visible in the economic life of the people, what cannot be denied is the fact that power has changed hands and with it comes new dynamics which would propel and compel the centrifugal forces at play to gravitate power in certain direction. The former ruling party, the PDP is now being served full doses of her undemocratic culture of political brigandage with the APC working hard to best the PDP in every political intrigues and subterfuge that characterized past contests. APC is not mincing words about her determination to deploy all democratic weapons at her disposal to wrestle power from the PDP at every given opportunity. The PDP too, like an over-experienced prostitute who is not new to the game of political abracadabra is not prepared to yield any ground to the rampaging APC, roaring about town, seeking whom to devour like the devil. Indeed, 2019 promises to be nerve-cracking and tough for all.
However in the midst of the gathering storm the Urhobo ethnic nationality have vowed to rally round thier anointed candidate for the 2019 election in APC.
Whistle blowers gathered that consultations and meetings are in top gear and a strong committee has been set up to actualise this agenda. It is also believed that they have decided to queue behind a fresh young and vibrant, detrabilsed candidate who has made it in his personal and business life and has not been tainted with any form of political blackmail or traced to any cabal either at the state or federal level.
Whistle blowers also gathered from a reliable source that the 1st vice president general of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Chief Osiobe Okotie from Agbarho, Ughelli North LGA is being penciled down to be the next governor of the state.
A reliable and prominent chief who is committed to seeing the emergence of Urhobo governor come 2019 told our reporters that “As we speak, Chief Osiobe Okotie is on his way to honour invitation of prominent Urhobo sons and daughters abroad who are committed to his emergence and will be back to this country to continue his consultation in no distant time. The chips are down and Urhobo is fully prepared to take over the leadership of the state from the present governor whose incompetence is unprecedented.

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