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Dear CP Ibrahim Mohammed

Under normal circumstance, this could have been a letter to express my concern ever the rising incidents of various security challenges and criminal activities ranging from Kidnapping, armed robbery, assassination and the the killings and threat of violent Fulani herdsmen in our dear State but unfortunately that is not the reason am writing you this letter
Nonetheless Let me go straight to my epistle,
I woke up this morning and read online an alleged comments credited to you , where you insinuated that the distinguish senator was only raising false alarm and that he was never attacked with guns or assassination attempted on his life by one Fred Latimore, an executive assistant to the Delta state governor, Sen Ifeanyi Okowa, it got me curious especially coming on the heels of the overtly politically motivated purported assassination attempt of a serving senator, Sen.Ovie Omo Agege by thugs loyal to the Delta state government.

As an activist and a Young Nigerian, who cares so much about the progress and development of my dear country and her people and most especially the progress of Delta – being the heartbeat of the nation, I cannot but be concerned and bring to the fore any issue which borders around its socio-political and economic well-being. Indeed for me, is a believe I live for and if possible am willing to die for.

Sir I find it difficult to believe you really made that comment because as the head of the Nigerian police force in the state you would recall this is not the first time the Delta state government has openly and dangerously attack opposition elements.

May I remind you of an incident that took place on May 16th where Urhobo sons and daughters under the umbrella of UDUF/ DCC, who were on a protest at Asaba were attacked and injured for engaging on a peaceful protest against the killing of violent herdsmen and increasing level of insecurity in the state by SA on students affair to the Governor and thugs loyal to him, the issue and Identity of our assailants were equally reported and given to you for your action, I consider that attack an assassination attempt on my life but up till today to the best of my knowledge no arrest has been made.

Sir, If truly you said that the Senator is raising false alarm about his attack then we all have reason to begin to Xray the activities of the police under your leadership and begin to ask some questions. I even read from the media another report by one Comr Harry Odafe that the said Ngozi an SA to the Sen Ifeanyi Okowa was with you at the time of the attack at Asaba.. If that is true then I would agree with those that said the attack was premeditated and well coordinated to give legitimacy to this recurring impunity and lawlessness that is trying to destroy our nascent democracy in the state

Sir am also not too comfortable with the speed with which you came on board to stand as the spokesman of the ruling PDP which remains the sole suspect in this brings to mind the ugly past of CP Mbu of River state.

My dear CP, I have no reason to criticise you because I see you as a simple and honest man,, I say this because I have studied you from afar,Moreso I cannot forget in a hurry how you instructed your men to do do the right thing yesterday Sunday 16th of July when I put a distress call to you to call them to order and you actually did after doing proper investigation to me that is what is expected from an honest and intelligent officer but I pray God give you the fortitude not to derail and also remain resolute in the administration of criminals justice in the state

Mr. Commissioner Sir, the hallmark of a civilized society is supremacy of law. We consider it imperative to bring it to your attention once again the need for all the stakeholders to work together to ensure that our beloved country and state is governed in accordance with the rule of law and tolerance for opposition element

Sir, the growing spate of attack on opposition figures in the state if not properly checked and nip in the board can lead to a state of lawlessness and politically motivated killings. May I also quickly add that politically motivated violence is outdated,primitive and does not have a apace in our nascent democracy.
Sir I also wish to advice that this assassination attempt on the life of distinguish Sen Ovie Omo Agege be thoroughly investigated and the culprits brought to book no matter how highly placed they are.

Finally Delta state is a very volatile state and its government is known for its notoriety in financial inducement of public officers in other to stand justice perpetually on its head. May I also remind you that in Delta the goats,hyena ,baboons are still having a field day but sooner or later the Lion king will come in his glory,so let peace justice and equity reign supreme

Am Comrade Sanco Ese

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